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I had received very clear
objective from the owners for
this project to reach maximum audience in both english and marathi languages.

  • Should be Able to Reach all
    rural and urban audiences.
  • Should Be Easy to Navigate.
  • Custom Work and Tweaks.


Upon receiving the clear and focused objective and goal from the owners i did my initial design planning and had come up with 3 options from which they selected on which is currently live on their site.

  1. Optimized as per google
  2. Accessible on all devices of sizes and shapes.
  3. Easy to Manage Backend.

Projects such as Bharat Live News Media are bit complicated and much impactful to deal with. upon initial meetings and objective goal clarification i had got the focused points to determine and present something which will work and meet the expectations of the owners as well as benefit the readers from all locations and of all sized devices to get the website quickly loaded on all devices as well as on any speed of internet connections.

I had to tweak and work closely with the design of this site as well as technical aspects to meet and excel to fetch better google alignment for organic traffic coming on to site through the sites content and purpose the site built for. owners had asked me to design and customize the portal for easy to manage contents in the site from their staff regularly as well as guide their internal teams for better management of the portal and its content.

Why Above Scores ?
Well Google and Other Search Engines Keep Updating their Search Algorithm to Show users appropriate and valuable information only. one of the major and important factor for better search engine ranking position is to how well your website is built and can it be loaded on the clients devices without getting it bounced ? well if any website which takes more then 2/4 seconds of the time potentially gets heavy bounce rate and to avoid i had tweaked and optimized this website to get loaded on all devices as fast as possible without loosing much of its valuable readers across the globe.

Here is a winning strategy that will help you to identify :

Bharat Live News Media Mobile Version Google Score

Modern Day Internet Search Engines are more inclined to provide human useful information rather then machine useful and to serve more better they have come up with such updates on their algorithms to put forth more deserving and content full sites to their searching users.